"Having a wonderful person like you as the chief gives  me confidence that this Oasis has a bright future. So I've decided that I'd like to be a resident of this Oasis! If you'll have me, of course..."
Lili is a character in Ever Oasis. She is a resident of the Oasis and runs the Fruit Shop.


Arrival Edit

A cheerful and energetic girl who came to the Oasis just after it was created.

Residency Edit

A Cheerful Seedling girl who became the first resident of the Oasis.


Lili is happy and cheerful.

Related Quests

Lili is linked to the following quests :

Main Story Quests: Edit

Lili's Request ties in with main storyline quests 'A Traveler Has Arrived' and 'A Roseberry for Lili'.

Lili then participates in quests:

  • 'A New Day'
  • 'Sold Out' This quest introduces Players to the concept of needing to restock Bloom Booths
  • 'Roseberries Delivered!' This quest, coupled the the one above, teach Players how to restock Bloom Booths as part of the Tutorial.
Residency Quest
Lili's Request
Lili "I get it! This place is still new. That's why there are no residents yet. People who live in the oasis together are called residents. And the shops opened by Seedling residents are called Bloom Booths. There are many travelers who will visit the Oasis just for the Bloom Booths. I'd love to help here if i could, but i don't have the materials i'd need to sell merchandise in a Bloom Booth. If only i had some roseberries..."

Deliver: Roseberry x3

Roseberries can be found in the garden. Use green gale to collect them.
Lili "What? Roseberries? you got these for me? That's amazing! Thank you!"

Healing Fruit

Lili "Hehe! Tethu, you're too kind!"
After Quest Description Lili became a resident once you gave her some roseberries. Her Bloom Booth is a fruit shop.

  • Rank 1 Bloom Booth Quest Puppy-Dog Eyes

  • Rank 2 Bloom Booth Quest Leaning Too Hard

  • Rank 3 Bloom Booth Quest


Arrival "This place... Could it be..? Yes it is! There's an Oasis here now!"

Residency "Having a wonderful person like you as the chief gives me confidence that this Oasis has a bright future. So I've decided to become a resident of this Oasis! If you'll have me, of course..."

Bloom Booth Built "Yay! My Bloom Booth is complete! Now I must work hard to sell loads of fruit!"

Enter Bloom Booth "Hello! Welcome to Lili's fruit shop!"

Restock Bloom Booth 1 "Thank goodness you're here! I ran out of things to sell, and I didn't know what to do. Phew!"

Restock Bloom Booth 2 "Chief, thank you for your help yesterday! Deliveries are always a pleasant surprise."

Leaving Bloom Booth "Tethu, please tell everyone about my sweet little fruit shop and its adorable owner!"

"If I'm with you, you'll recieve less damage from beast-type Chaos monsters. Isn't that neat?"

"Desert life is normally grueling, but this Oasis makes life grand!"

"In the desert, you can't survive without water and nutrients. Be sure to eat breakfast every day, even if it's just a fruit."

"Noots are tiny, quiet little visitors. They just love Bloom Booths and all the goodies the shops have to offer. When you see them walking around and shopping, it's a sign that the Oasis is doing well!"

"I love fruit! So naturally my Bloom Booth is a fruit shop!"

"Eating fruit can help you stay cool and healthy!"

"Good evening Tethu. Did you have a good day?"

"I don't feel like shopping today. I think I'll take a long walk."

"Come on! Let's make the oasis fun and lively! If you build Bloom Booths, travelers will come to see them!"

"Tomorrow is what we make of it. If you think like that, the days become more fun."

"The harsh dessert sun is a bit rough for us, but it's vital for fruit."