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"A cheerful, good-natured boy. He is interested in growing vegetables.."
Roto is a character in Ever Oasis . He is a resident of the Oasis.


After recruiting Miura , Roto can be found in Pottery Cave. As he is too scared to go near the Sharkobra, he requests the player to defeat it for him. Afterwards, Roto joins your party, and stays until the end of Pottery Cave. He then reveals his reason for needing an escort; missing vegetable seeds. Roto thanks the player, and visits the Oasis the next day.


Roto has shown to be a huge fan of raising vegetables, and this is reflected in his Bloom Booth and his quests. Overall, he's a cheerful and outgoing seedling. He seems to be quite knowledgable as well, as he was the only Seedling in the Oasis to know of Baastu's existence. 

Related Quests

Roto is linked to the following quests:
  • Grow Vegetables
  • Love Those Veggies
  • A Love Too Great


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