The basic scale type snake monster. It can burrow through sand and can only be attacked when it surfaces. If you got a Drauk with an spear in your group, she can dig it out with the X Attack.

The snake on sand has an long burrow charge, it surfaces before and after the charge. If you fight the snake on solid terain it resides to an short frontal bite attack and charges above the ground.


  • Snakeskin; common
  • Power Scale; rare


  • <wikia-reference readonly="true" data-community="everoasis" data-query="Ka%27ara-Desert" data-widget="null" data-label="Ka'ara-Desert" contenteditable="false"></wikia-reference>; Night; lvl 1-4
  • <wikia-reference readonly="true" data-community="everoasis" data-query="Doublehorn-Cave" data-widget="null" data-label="" contenteditable="false"></wikia-reference>; lvl 4
  • The Khedun